Nightwalker (halfawake) wrote in support_sharks,

A confession

I have a confession to make. I'm way too much of a support shark. Sometimes I like to go for the requests that have been sitting for hours or days and attempt to solve them. Sometimes I circle the whole support board until I forget what I was looking for and go back to reading my friends page.

Maybe I'm just lazy, but I think I've sharked myself out of support at the moment. At times looking for certain requests is depressing because they happen to be web ui requests that are either bastard freakies, or far beyond my web knowledge. And now that I'm at I2 in gunk I tend to ignore the easy requests and go for the harder ones, which are often quite hard to find since much of gunk is a validation questions and comment link questions in the wrong category or something like that. I dunno, I tend to get frustrated at being at I2 in gunk and not knowing what to do to improve and having no idea how to get better at Web requests. And I'm trying to get more Syndication requests answered so I can do better there. I just turned my notification for syn back on, but even with it on I often by the time I see the request someone else already put what looks like an approvable answer in it.

I was advised to answer more requests in my last review and I would like to but often it's hard since I'm not on support enough to get lots of answers in, especially in categories like Web UI where I'm only able to figure some of the questions out. Anyone else have this problem?
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