Kevin. I Ain't No Hollaback Girl. (kevin) wrote in support_sharks,
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I was really proud of this one:

Support Request 217096

I2's in Web (something that I don't even have) helpful to see my IC, but not necessary to appreciate the sharkiness of it.

Mad props to Ben (vanbeast) for helping me diagnose the problem.

It had been sitting there for days -- I looked at it after it had been on the board for a while, but figured it was rather styles-y, and didn't touch it. After a while, I had a theory, and was able to prove it. :)

As long as your comment page style isn't Component, you can see that it is in fact a deleted comment - something that doesn't show up correctly in Component, causing the confusion from the user.

Yeah. Shark central, baby. I had a grin on my face when I figured this one out. :)
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