Support Sharks

...blood in the water...

Everything of, for, and by the shark
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This is a community created specifically for those volunteers who function as sharks in Support. Sharks often have a hard time because bunnehs are more visible and more numerous, so we decided to give the sharks a hand. This is a place for sharks to rejoice in the blood in the water of a long unanswered request, the thrill of the research, and the satisfaction of a thorough kill, and to sympathize and encourage each other for the long, lonely haul of sharkdom.

Community Guidelines

1. This is not a place to ask questions about your journal--that's the Support Center (http://www.livejournal.com/support/). Any off-topic posts or comments of this nature will be deleted.

2. So-called "bunneh bashing," while not strictly forbidden, will be heavily discouraged. We understand that sharks often have frustrations about being an invisible minority; however, we want to respect all Support volunteers, as everyone's work, screenies or supporthelps, bunnehs or sharks, is important.

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